The history behind Parkway West High and Middle

Their is a deep history in these 2 Schools that can be explained on this page

These two schools have been featured in many ways and one fact is that in 2016 during all of the clown threats they were a school that got threatend by them.

Parkway West Middle

the west middle school has been a running school for awhile and has a deep history


The parkway west middle school has three age group football teams and they have multiple intermurials you can do.

Parkway West High school

Does parkway west high realize that the sports teams have been getting better, but as some get better others get worse and soccer got worse as football got better.

As a west middle student I think that the school can get better is that they need to take the students opinion more and need to care more about the education we are reciving. They need to not focus on the blocking of the websites and rules and more on education.